iOS 17 makes iPhone more personal and intuitive

Autocorrected words are temporarily underlined so you know what’s been changed, and you can revert back to the original word with just a tap. One-time verification codes you receive in Mail are filled in automatically, so you can log in without leaving Safari. Private Browsing now locks your private browsing windows when you’re not using them, completely blocks known trackers from loading on pages, and removes tracking added to URLs as you browse. Annotate or sketch directly on PDFs and scanned documents in your note using Apple Pencil. PDFs and document scans are presented full width in your note, making them easy to work with. Quickly flip to a page of a paper you’re reviewing or preview multiple PDFs in the same note.
The iOS beta is always a popular one, as people are eager to try out the latest and greatest features for iPhone. If this is your first time experimenting with a beta, there are two tracks, developer and public, with the former costing $99 per year to join. If you’re ready to take the plunge, be sure to follow our detailed guide on how to get started installing the iOS 17 beta. Apple revolutionized personal technology with the introduction of the Macintosh in 1984. Today, Apple leads the world in innovation with iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. Apple’s more than 100,000 employees are dedicated to making the best products on earth, and to leaving the world better than we found it.

It can only be applied to iMessages until iOS 17 arrives sometime in the fall. When enabled, the feature currently detects if a child is sending or receiving images that could contain nudity, subsequently warning the child and blurring the photograph before it’s viewed on the minor’s device. The child is also presented with helpful resources and the option to message a trusted adult for additional support. Of course, if you’re eager to see what kinds of enhancements and improvements have been made, you can, but just understand that things might not work quite the way you’re expecting. So if you’re doing this on a device that’s meant for daily use, take caution, as things could be a bit unstable. If not, don’t worry, as we’ll have all the details as we go hands-on with all the betas.
Assistive Access distills apps and experiences to essential features to support those with cognitive disabilities. Personal Voice helps people with speech loss create a voice that sounds like them, then use it with Live Speech to communicate in calls and conversations. And Point and Speak makes it easier for people with vision disabilities to interact with physical objects that have text labels. As you mark up a document, draw a diagram, or add a sticker, the changes you make appear live on your collaborator’s device. Starting with iOS 17, Facetime users will be able to leave audio or video messages when the recipient is unavailable. This feature was already present in Google Duo, a now-defunct video calling app, since 2018.
Apple is making contact and password sharing a lot easier in iOS 17 by letting users insert them into any text field they encounter in the system. More details on the coming Accessibility features can be found in our dedicated article. The Wallet app in iOS 17 may also be able to show balances for a wider range of credit cards that are linked to Apple Pay. Right now, the Wallet app can only see the balance of the Apple Card, but that could expand, allowing credit card owners to see balances for all their cards in one place. According to leaker Analyst941, the Wallet app will feature a navigation bar at the bottom of the that separates the different functions available in the app. IOS 17 could include new SharePlay functionality for watching content with family and friends over a FaceTime call.
The app will be able to integrate with text messages and phone calls, but all data and daily analysis will be done on device. An updated Lock Screen interface in iOS 17 will turn the iPhone into a “smart-home display,” according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. When not in use and positioned in a horizontal orientation, the iPhone will show information that includes calendar appointments, weather data, notifications, and more, allowing it to serve as a home data hub. Apple still plans to make important bug fixes and boost performance, but there will be some fun features to look forward to.
People who create Lock Screen designs may be able to share them with other iPhone users with a new option for sharing custom Lock Screens. With just a few taps, you can create links between notes, making it easy to jump from one idea to another. Long press on a space in any note, and a new “Add Link” option can be found in the pop-up menu. Tapping it lets you link to another note by searching its title or entering a URL. Adaptive Audio helps you focus on your favorite content or seamlessly interact with others around you while wearing AirPods Pro.
Apple in May previewed several accessibility features that are coming to iOS 17 this year. Improving performance, efficiency, and stability are main goals of the iOS 17 update. Early betas may be unstable on some devices that have 3GB RAM, but Apple is expected to improve stability significantly over the course of the beta testing period. Amid an update to location information, there will be improvements to the Find My app and Find My-related functionality. The Wallet app will receive updates, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, but we don’t know a lot of specifics on what’s coming. It will suggest potential topics that a user might want to write about, and it will be able to detect friends that are nearby.
Journal collects all your daily activities, such as photos, music, visited places, and workouts, and bundles them for you to reflect on. Unlike iOS 16, Apple didn’t make massive changes with iOS 17 but kept things subtle this time with incremental improvements. While Apple added many features to iOS 17, here are some of the best ones worth looking at. After a significant Lock Screen redesign in iOS 16, Apple finally unveiled everything coming to its next iteration, iOS 17, at WWDC 2023. The annual event was online-only for most people, with an offline component for developers and media outlets. As part of our annual tradition, we have carefully examined Apple’s announced improvements for iOS 17 and compared them to the features already present in Google’s operating system.

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